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PYP Exhibition | Information for parents

As Year 5 is the last year of the International Baccalaureate – Primary Years Programme (PYP) at UCC, students will engage in the PYP Exhibition. The PYP Exhibition is a collaborative, student-directed, research-based and action-oriented culminating project in the PYP. Students lead their own inquiry in the spring term and we celebrate the completion of the PYP Exhibition with our community in May. 

Since early in the school year, Year 5 classes have had Exhibition periods each cycle. During this time boys have been talking about issues that they care about and identifying reasons why they care. These reasons included personal connection or experience, concern for our planet or the future and compassion and empathy. Year 5 boys “dissected” the PYP transdisciplinary theme WHO WE ARE and have begun to explore the United Nations Goals for Sustainable Development, to consider other issues which are of interest to them. We call this time in the Exhibition process “frontloading”.

Before the holidays, students focused on the idea of “taking action”. They wrote personal and group action statements defining what “taking action” meant to them. Recently conversations have shifted to the idea of “stakeholders” or  “people, groups or things who are impacted by the issue” and who also may be taking action. Conversations about perspectives and organizations taking action will continue as we progress in the early stages of the Exhibition process.

We expect to begin to narrow our focus and begin “pre-search” – the early stages of our research – just before March Break. Typically, the focused Exhibition work happens from March Break until Exhibition Day in May, with most of the exhibition work happening at school with scaffolding and supports in place. Depending on our learning situation, adjustments to the Exhibition process will be made and parents will be invited to an information session to learn more about this important culminating project and event.

Feel free to direct any questions about the PYP Exhibition to Dianne Jojic or to your child’s Form Adviser.

We hope you are enjoying rich pre-exhibition conversations at home. 

Dianne Jojic
PYP Coordinator