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Procedures and reminders for laptop damage

Procedures for dealing with laptop damage

Laptops must remain in the school-supplied case. In the case of Prep students, the laptop must remain in the school-supplied carrying bag. If damage occurs and the laptop is not in the school-supplied case, the insurance on the laptop is void and the families will be billed for the full repair cost of $400 up to the full replacement cost of $1200.  It is important that the laptop remains in the school supplied case as it is a condition of our insurance.  If the case is damaged, please ensure your son brings his laptop to the help desk to have it replaced.

If damage does occur your son should bring the laptop to the Help desk immediately. If the damage breaks the laptop case, please also bring it to the Help desk. A replacement laptop can be available quickly and downtime should be minimal. If the school-supplied case cracks or breaks, another will be supplied for a nominal fee.

A few reminders:

  • Please ensure that liquids are kept away from the laptops as liquid damage voids the warranty.
  • Lost laptops are not covered by warranty and the full replacement fee will be charged.
  • For damage covered by warranty, there is a deductible of $75 for display, keys, and case and a $50 deductible for a cracked trackpad.
  • Machines must be fixed even if the machine is usable after the damage occurs.
  • Power supplies are $120 to replace if lost or unusable.

Jim LaPlante