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Primary Division survey feedback

Earlier this year, the Prep Leadership Team conducted a survey of Primary Division parents (SK – Year 5). We were interested in opinions on what is working well in the Primary Years and on areas and opportunities for improvement. Survey participants used a four-point scale, from poor to excellent, to indicate their satisfaction with various components of the Primary Division program.

Questions were formulated to provide feedback on:

  • Perceptions from both students and parents on certain aspects of the Primary Division program (e.g. new school year, communication, organizational support, academic supports, pastoral care)
  • Parent and student feelings toward the school in general
  • Leadership practices and effectiveness

Overall, the feedback was positive and 90% and many parents contributed comprehensive anecdotal comments with regard to several aspects of the SK-Year 5 program.

Areas identified for as opportunities for improvement include:

  • Main office communication (3.4 out of 4)
  • Parent understanding of the PYP Programme and how it works (3.2 out of 4)

As a result, our next steps will involve:

  • Using the survey results to inform agenda items for upcoming Prep faculty meetings
  • Improving PYP information dissemination
  • Ensuring communication best practices

Lastly, we hope that a positive side effect of conducting our survey includes faculty, students, and parents being reminded that the Prep School is always open minded and welcoming of constructive feedback. We truly believe that keeping lines of communication open with our constituents is essential to continually improve our programming and operational performance.

We sincerely thank everyone who participated in this year’s Primary Division survey.

David Girard dgirard@ucc.on.ca
Assistant Head Preparatory School, Primary