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Prep School Form Advisers for 2019-20

We’re pleased to confirm the Preparatory School Form Advisers for 2019-20. Please note that Form assignments will be sent to families next Wednesday, August 28.


SK Anna Crawford 6A Victoria Altomare
1L Sophie Lurz 6B Tina Brunelle
2F Mark Ferley 6C Bob Cooper
3C Carly Crippin 6L Lisa Brooks
3V Niki Van Haarlem 7B Brian Green
4M Karyn McCormack 7C Anthony Chandler
4O Kathryn O’Brien 7F David Fraser
5F Paul Faggion 7M Emilia Martin
5H Jennifer Harper 7P Max Perren
5L Lisa Fleming  7T Michaela Trelford


Form Lists

While we take great care in placing students in Forms, and Form placement is both ‘art and science’, we understand that there are occasions when students or parents have initial concerns over Form placement. Each UCC faculty and staff member endeavours to nurture the wellbeing of our boys. It is our collective responsibility to help a boy see the advantages in each situation and to put it into perspective as a positive growth opportunity. 

Form lists will be emailed to all Prep families on Wednesday, August 28.