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Prep physical education update

The SK to Year 5 boys are engaged in a number of different activities:

SK – Gymnastics

1L – Net Games

2F – Skating 

3C – Skating

3V – Swimming

4M – Net Games

4O – Gymnastics

5F – Swimming

5H – Skating

5L – Table Tennis


The Year 6 boys are continuing with their 4 winter units:

6A – Aquatics

6B – Skating

6C – Gymnastics

6L – Net Games


The Year 7 boys have started their winter activities as well: 

7B – Gymnastics

7C – Gymnastics

7F – Skating

7M – Gymnastics

7P – Skating

7T – Skating


For all swimming units, boys should bring a swimsuit, towel and goggles (if available). For the skating units, boys should bring skates, gloves and a helmet with a full face mask. Also, boys should have their full P.E. uniform at school each day (this includes a pair of clean indoor running shoes) as unforeseen circumstances could change our regular PE schedule. 

On behalf of the P.E. department, we hope you enjoy the upcoming holiday season with family and friends.


John Hustler, Subject Coordinator of Physical Education