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Get set for Prep photo day on Monday, Sept. 8

Dear parents,

  1. Each class will be photographed with the form teacher/adviser in front of the stage in Weston Hall on Monday, Sept. 8. Each student will then be photographed for his individual portrait.
  2. SK-Grade 2 are expected to be in their fall dress (blue shirt and flannels).
  3. All students in Forms 3-7 are expected to be in their number one dress for this occasion, wearing a white dress shirt with tie, grey flannels and blazer. We recommend boys wear the white UCC crested, short-sleeved shirt with the tie. After their photo they can remove their tie and blazer. Normally they’re not expected to wear a tie with this short-sleeved shirt during fall and spring dress times.
  4. Prep volunteer parents will be on hand to help with combing hair, checking teeth and providing spare shirts, blazers and ties if needed.
  5. A Form 5 class is off to Norval immediately after their photos. (Your son will let you know if this impacts him.) They should wear their number one dress to school, bring a change of clothing and they’ll change just before departing for Norval.
  6. Dependent upon student attendance, one other day may be organized to photograph individual students who are absent.
  7. Student photo packages will be prepared by the photographer and distributed from the Prep as soon as they’re received.
  8. Those parents who wish to purchase photos will indicate, on the envelope, their choice of proof and photo package and enclose payment. It must be returned to the Prep by the stated deadline.
  9. The photographer will process the orders and distribute the photos through the school.
  10. There’s no obligation to purchase these photos and parents may choose to have their son photographed elsewhere. Unfortunately there are no retakes at the school for families dissatisfied with their proofs.