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Prep Event | Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time for children. We hope that families enjoy the evening in some capacity given the current circumstances. 

At school, we make plans with the belief that the day should be safe, fun, and productive.  The wearing of costumes should be age and grade appropriate, and include masking for Years 4-7.  No large props or weaponry, please, as they prove challenging in a school context.

Students may wear their costume or casual orange and black clothes on October 30th. Please remind students that in preparing their costumes this is not a competition, and that we would encourage them to make use of regular household materials to construct a costume with some flair and creativity. 

As this year we are not changing from dress uniform into PE uniform for PE or Games, please consider a costume that can be easily adapted for safe participation in athletics.

This year we are going to have an SK-3 outdoor parade with boys safely visiting stations hosted by Mr. McKinney, Ms. Sweeney, Mr. Girard and Mr. Evans. Boys will collect candy to bring home.  A huge thank you to the PPO for supplying the candy!  

Year 4-7 will also receive a candy treat package supplied by the PPO that teachers will distribute, and have some fun in their form rooms.

Please speak with your Form Adviser if you have any questions, and please ensure that any food allergy information is up to date with our Health Centre.

With our thanks and excitement for Halloween,

David Girard and Gareth Evans
Assistant Heads of the Preparatory School
dgirard@ucc.on.ca; gevans@ucc.on.ca