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Prep community service project “Ve’ahavta”

A new, exciting community service initiative has been developing at the Prep School. 

We are working with Ve’ahavta, an organization that, among other initiatives, operates a van that delivers food and clothing to people experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty in the Greater Toronto Area.

During the last month, seven members of the Prep faculty and administration took rides on the van, and it has been an overwhelming experience to serve members of our community. 

Beginning in early March, students in the Prep community service club who attended a training session in December will ride on the van on Sunday afternoons. This program offers our boys a face-to-face interaction with members of this often invisible part of our community.

A typical trip involves food preparation for the first hour at the Ve’ahavta office, loading the van before heading out onto the streets. While on the street, volunteers serve food and deliver clothing directly to those in need. On an average trip, the van delivers meals to approximately 100 people.

Everyone in the UCC community can be a part of this project as well. There is a great need for these specific items:

  • Men’s jeans and pants – size 34, but around it as well
  • Warm hoodies
  • Warm socks

Bins will be set up next week at both the Upper School and Prep School for you to drop off any of these items. Donated items will be personally delivered by members of the UCC community directly to those in need through our trips on the Ve’ahavta van.

For further information about the program, please contact me directly.


Bob Cooper
Prep Community Service and Engagement Coordinator