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Power snack day on Nov. 5

The next wonderful Power snack day of the year is planned for Tuesday, Nov.5. Bite-sized pieces of fruit and vegetables and a healthy, hearty treat will be served to your boys by parents during morning recess – a fabulous time outdoors with food, friends, and fun!

Please contact chief power snackers, Melisa Filson and Jacqueline Steinert, at wellbeing@uccprepparents.ca if you wish to volunteer! There will be more of these opportunities during the school year so not to worry if you cannot make this one.

Our first Power snack day of the year had an amazing showing with moms dressed as fruit and vegetables handing out fruit and power bars to the boys during morning recess on a beautiful sunny day!

As always, feel free to send any of your nutrition and wellness questions to our Wellness Chair, Jacqueline Steinert, at jacqueline.steinert@gmail.com. Thanks!