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Post-Secondary Transition Workshops

Now that the final term of IB2 has begun and university admission offers are coming in fast and furious, it is starting to hit home that you will be heading off to post-secondary studies in only a few months.

Ongoing research and anecdotal evidence from Old Boys indicates that moving from high school to the next stage of education is both exciting and stressful. Consequently, the University Counselling Office and the Health Centre have collaborated to prepare a program designed to address many of your questions and concerns and ease your transition to post-secondary education.

The program will be delivered in two parts–the first session will focus on the most common challenges faced by students starting university and offer practical tips on how to make the most of your new environment. The second portion will concentrate on mental health and overall wellness and the resources available to support you on a university campus.

The workshops will be delivered in your TOK class slot.  TOK Night students will be invited to a daytime slot that fits into their schedule. Ms Berndsen will send a meeting request to your google calendars; please accept the invitation so you will receive a reminder to attend. The first sessions begin next week. We look forward to seeing you there!