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Planning an early application to the US or the UK?

Students who are planning to apply in the early round (Oxford/Cambridge/medical) to UK universities or Early Decision/Early Action to a US college should consider speaking as soon as possible to the teachers who might stand as their references next fall. Please check with your university counsellor before you speak to any teachers.

If a teacher agrees to write on your behalf, you should complete the appropriate Referee Request Form shared with you on your Google Drive and share with the teacher to assist him or her in writing a stronger letter. Share with your university counsellor as well.

Some teachers receive many requests to write references; it is always better to ask early!

For UK applicants, we will be hosting a workshop in the fall to introduce you to the key features of the UCAS application and provide you with the “buzzword” you will need to begin your application. You will complete all parts of your UCAS application, except perhaps the program choices and personal statement, which can be finalized at a later meeting with your counsellor.

You are encouraged to use the UCAS website to conduct research on university and program choices and you should start writing your personal statement; do not set up a UCAS account in the summer as you need to do this in September through UCC.

For US applicants, we will host a fall workshop taking you through the key features of the Common Application website and providing you with tips in order to complete the application effectively. The activities section and personal essay will be finalized at subsequent meetings with your counsellor. Reminder: If you set up your Common Application account this summer, please use your UCC email; this is essential in order to link your account with Naviance in the fall.