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Physical education in Form 5

The boys are moving towards the end of their fall activities. They’ve engaged in activities with the idea of finding, using and creating space in four invasion games (basketball, football, handball and rugby) while developing their movement skills in these sports.

On Tuesday, Nov. 11 (Day 6 ) they begin their winter activities: skating, swimming and gymnastics. The class rotation is shown below; each unit will run for 5/6 classes. There are some additional equipment requirements for winter activities: for skating: boys will need a helmet with facemask, gloves and skates; for swimming they’ll require swim shorts and a towel.

images5M: gymnastics, skating, swimming

5B: swimming, gymnastics, skating

images-15H: skating, swimming, gymnastics

With multiple users of our various facilities and the potential for occasional technical problems (especially with the arena and pool), there’s the possibility of occasional disruption of this program. For this reason, we can’t provide exact dates, but will make sure the boys are informed of the need to bring special equipment ahead of the skating and swimming units. Boys are reminded that they require their full UCC PE attire on a daily basis.

Please let me know if you’ve any questions regarding our program.

Dave Bullock