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PE update on learning

Dear families,

The PE team has adopted the Sport Education Model for the current Year 5 unit, an alternative approach to delivering PE that involves students taking ownership of a sports team’s season. Using a popular Prep PE game, King Ball (details available from the boys!), students have taken ownership of preparing their teams for regular season and playoff games.

In the sport education model, teachers take a non-traditional role, broadly facilitating the season for the students while they, led by their captain, prepare and compete for both a championship trophy and, more importantly, the respect trophy, awarded for the team showing the most respect towards teammates, opponents, officials and the spirit of the game.

Organized in their colour house teams, the boys have voted both for their team captains, drawing upon their governance unit in the fall to help consider the ideal leader for this scenario, and proposed and voted for team franchise names. Subsequently, some team members took responsibility for designing a team franchise logo.

During the regular season, each team ran a scheduled training camp in which they could develop team strategies and, as necessary, work to enhance the skills of their players. All of this is done without direct teacher input apart from the teacher offering a number of questions for the teams to consider.

As I write this, a successful regular season has concluded and the teams are spending time fine-tuning their strategies as we await the return of full squads after the Year 5 Norval trips. Playoffs will conclude, with much fanfare, at the end of March with the championship final and presentation ceremony.

Mark Baxter
PE Teacher