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Urgent message about traffic congestion on campus

Dear parents, Don Kawasoe

This is an urgent message about a serious traffic congestion issue on campus. Please read carefully as our children’s safety is at risk.

In summary, we’re implementing changes to ensure our students arrive and leave safely. Please take the time to review this email and the attached map. It illustrates drop-off and pick-up locations and access points to the campus. Should you have any questions please contact us (Division Head or Don Kawasoe).

This is a whole school issue that will require action from all community members.


The following challenges create safety issues for our students:

• Many cars come through our campus every day.
• Drivers, eastbound on Lonsdale turning left through the front gates (Mara Gates), hold up other eastbound drivers and cause a back-up problem for cars exiting the campus.
• Drivers who enter the Mara Gates and turn left in front of the Prep block cars coming down the Avenue.
• Special events reduce the number of parking spots.
• Snow will further complicate matters by shrinking the width of our driveways.

Proposed Action:

A joint effort is required to ensure the safety of our students and our entire community.

At all times:
• Drivers must not stand or park in the designated areas during drop off and dismissal times.
• Monitor the weather, leave earlier and model patience and co-operation.
• The west side of the Avenue is for visitor parking.
• The east through lane of the Avenue is for vehicles exiting campus.
• The centre standing lane is for vehicles dropping off or picking up Prep students.

See the following map for reference purposes.

1. We request that Upper School and senior Prep students be dropped off on Forest Hill Road or neighbouring streets to walk on to campus.

2. Alternatively, Upper School parents must drop off their sons at the north end of campus, entering via Kilbarry Road, at the clock tower or the arena.

3. Prep parents can also use the Forest Hill drop-off to the Eaton Building between 8:00 and 8:25 a.m. An adult greeter will be at the northwest Eaton door during these times.

4. Avoid turning left from eastbound Lonsdale into the Mara Gates.

5. The Parkin hard surface will be open for drop off from 7:50 to 8:25 a.m. The access gate will be locked at 8:45 a.m.

6. If you enter the Mara Gates from westbound Oriole Parkway, you will no longer be allowed to turn left into the Prep loop. Rather, continue north past Admission House onto the Parkin hard surface or the Arena lot.

Click here to download the map.

We will begin reminding and reinforcing these actions on Monday, November 24. We will discuss this with our students and ask you to reinforce this message at home. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter. It’s intended to make our campus safer and more efficiently travelled for all concerned.

Best regards,
Don Kawasoe, Head of Prep and Upper Schools