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Opening week obligations for all IB2 Day Boys

Wednesday, September 9, 2015:

Start time Event Location End Time
9:15 am Meet with your Senior House Adviser for detailed instructions for you to enforce all the House locker assignments and the signed locker contracts Please see chart for Housemeeting room allocations 9:30 am
9:30 am Distribution of house lockers by the exact list from SHA, plus locker contracts; be sure to collect a signed locker contract from EVERY boy in your House House locker rooms 10:45 am
11:00 am Housemeetings Housemeeting rooms, as above 12:00 pm
If you’re not a Steward or a Prefect, then you can go home after Housemeeting, your day is done…
12:00 pm …but if you are a Steward or a Prefect, then you attend the BBQ at noon and the New Boy Games in the afternoon The Quad 1:00 pm
1:00 pm New Boy Games (with all Stewards, Prefects, New Boys and their mentors from your House) Various fields 2:45 pm
2:45 pm Stewards and Prefects cleanup after the New Boy Games, including all the banner painting materials Various fields, and the Upper Art room 3:30 pm


 In addition to the above obligations, all Stewards and Prefects have meetings on Tuesday, September 8:


Student Group(s) Start Event Location End Time
Board of Stewards 9:00 am Board meeting Room 218 10:15 am
Prefects and Stewards 10:30 am Planning for this afternoon’s leadership and mentoring workshop as well as tomorrow’s Orientation Day Library 11:30 am
Prefects, Heads of Houses and Senior House Advisers 11:45 am Working lunch, House plans Upper dining hall 12:45 pm
Portfolio Stewards and Head Steward 11:45 am Lunch with Dr. Power Principal’s office 12:45 pm
Stewards and Prefects with all IB1 Day Boys 1:00 pm Mentor training and leadership for IB1s with Senior House Advisers Laidlaw Hall, then various classrooms 3:00 pm
Stewards and Prefects 3:00 pm Final preparations for tomorrow’s Orientation Day TBD 3:30 pm