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Online Event | New Festive vendors

New vendors are coming your way this year, including a great selection of yummy treats to make the holidays special, even if just in your own home!
Start dinner off with meat from Mister Butcher and wines ordered directly from Beau Wines. Finish off with delicious cakes from LaRocca, chocolates from Chocolat de Kat, Meringue Mama’s tasty and beautiful treats or cool, refreshing flavours from Happy Pops. Serve it all up in a beautiful serving dish from Hilborn Pottery or on a board made by a UCC student at 3 Mile Studio.
Pamper yourself and your olfactory senses with special gifts from Wonderkind and The Good Bar. For those who you cannot see in person, send personalized notes on exquisite stationery from Ferris Wheel Press or treat them to a monogrammed gift from Something Personalized.
For the younger set — stop by Lovbird Design for zen wearable art, PRPLE for street savvy hoodies, Leather Treaty for customizable leather accessories and Pika Layers for soft bamboo kids pieces for day and night.
More vendor highlights are to come as we count down to Festive 2020 – online edition!