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Home agreements for one-to-one laptops

laptopThe boys are off and running with their laptops in the Middle Division. For many in Forms 6 and 7, this is the first year they’ll take their laptops home and manage them on their own with support from you and their teachers. Thank you very much for helping your son adjust to these new expectations.

As part of your son’s first timetabled ICT class, he was asked to complete a survey with you about household agreements for using his laptop at home. Upon reviewing the survey results, one trend is apparent: many students intend to use their laptops primarily in their bedrooms. This also seems to be the favoured place for charging laptops overnight.

Given the age of the boys at the Prep, we’re somewhat concerned about this trend and are asking you to please keep these two points in mind:

  • It’s important to understand how your son is using his laptop, even when it’s for recreational purposes. We recommend that your son use his laptop primarily in a “public” space at home rather than alone behind closed doors. Young boys, even teens, need some degree of supervision and guidance.
  • Sleep habits at this age are extremely important. During the “tween” years and puberty, children need more sleep. Already, factors are contributing to our Middle students not getting enough sleep. We don’t want their school laptop to be one of them. It’s so tempting to get out of bed and check things just one more time before they try to sleep. We recommend leaving laptops to charge well away from any sleeping area. A shelf near where work is done or school bags are stored could be a good place. See this article for further discussion on the sleep needs of teens.

A study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that screen time in the 90 minutes prior to sleeping delays the onset of sleep. Amy McCready summarizes the research and provides some helpful suggestions in her blog post, “Screentime before Bedtime? One simple tweak for better behaved kids”.

Sarah Barclay – Middle Division ICT Integrator

Lara Jensen – Primary Division ICT Integrator

Jill Stewart – Health and Life Skills Coordinator

Martha Boyce – Counsellor, and Health and Life Skills Teacher