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On to university! Some helpful hints for students

Leaving home to attend university is one of the major life events.  It is part of the transition from more-or-less full dependence into adulthood—with everything that involves. When you arrive at university you are in charge—no parents or teachers to tell you what to do and when to do it. Sounds great? Actually, it scares most people when they really think about it. Surveys of incoming university students consistently indicate that failure is their biggest fear as they begin their university careers. Not necessarily fear of flunking out of university, but fear of not succeeding in meeting their personal goals and standards when handling their lives as autonomous adults.

You are about to enter one of the most important phases of your life. What happens over the next four years will have a major impact on the rest of your life. This is the case, not only as it will affect your future educational goals and career plans, but also in terms of some of your most important relationships. You have worked far too hard to get to this point for the experience to be less successful than you deserve.

Happily, most students don’t run into significant trouble, but if they do or to the extent they do, it is usually because they were not prepared for the actuality of university.

The Leaving Class students who attended the “Wings with Old Boys” transition evening have been given a free copy of Blair Livingston’s book, I Wish I Had Known: A Former Student’s Guide to University and College. Written by a UCC Old Boy, this is a valuable resource. We have several dozen copies remaining in our office so for those who are interested…first come, first served!