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Oct. 7 IB2 grade level meeting recap

There was a mandatory IB2 student grade level meeting this past Wednesday focused on academics in the IB2 year.

The meeting was facilitated by academic dean Julia Kinnear, Wernham West Centre for Learning Senior Division coordinator Jody McLean and technology integrator Ryan Archer, via video.

These topics were covered:
the academic shape of the IB2 year;
IB2 exam registration (due Wednesday, Oct. 14);
academic honesty in the diploma program;
the fall term, student workload and December exams;
and tips and tools to support academic planning and organization (including an introduction to David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”).

Students will receive follow-up communication via email. As discussed at the IB2 parent information evening last month, these kinds of group sessions are one element of our intentional approach to supporting students as they navigate the program in the final year. We appreciate parent efforts in encouraging their sons to attend this and future sessions.