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Nuit Bleue is going online!

Next Thursday, April 16th , Nuit Bleue is going online for the first time in its history.

For those who know, Nuit Bleue is a celebration of the Arts and the emerging talents of the school’s young artists.

For those about to discover, Nuit Bleue is a spectacular evening that showcases all of the Arts at UCC – Visual Arts, Drama, Literature, Languages, Film and Music. Due to the challenges of the present and in order to save the event, the Arts Captains, Brandon Sambrano and Marcus Chong, the Arts Council, the student artists and musicians and the teachers have forged ahead with plans to treat us to a virtual experience of the Arts!

You will be treated to all of the Arts in brand new format, but with the same dedication and exceptional calibre that you have come to expect from Nuit Bleue.

Traditionally, Nuit Bleue starts off at the end of the school day with an Art-themed pep rally at assembly for the boys. It is high energy, intense. Soon after…

The first guests arrive through the Upper School’s front doors. Music guides them up the stairs to Bernick Foyer decorated in blue hydrangeas and two giant canvases that spell out the evening’s name – Nuit Bleue. To the side, a small ensemble plays as stewards hand maps and programs to the new arrivals and direct them to the Gallery.

They pass through a hall and stop – their attentions caught by the eye-catching artworks that adorn their journey.

As they reach the end of the hall, to their left is the Languages Café, ready to host them with coffee, tea, cultural treats and music. French, Spanish, Mandarin – a different one each year! They stop in for a while, sip,snack, and chat with the teacher, remembering their travels abroad… and notice the colourful whimsy of the Year 7 Art that weaves through the room.

Then off to the Gallery, but wait! On a table by the Gallery’s doors lay copies of the Blue Caller. Within its pages, the reader finds poetry and prose, truth and fiction, the musings of young boys’ minds. What captivating tales they weave. The Gallery, known earlier in the day as the Student Centre, is transformed into a stunning showroom. It features spectacular artworks from Year 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 artists. The guests walk through, enjoying, studying. They tilt their heads as they study the fascinating works…

The aroma of pizza wafts through the room, and suddenly a band of hungry boys appears out of nowhere to make short work of it. Kids!

Then hunger pangs rumble. Wait! Are those hors d’oeuvres? A server stops to offer a delicious morsel. Mmmm…

The program says that the Year 12 films are starting soon, so upstairs to the film room. More artworks on the way there, beautiful! The films – hilarious, irreverent, moody – brilliant!

Then off to the theatre – the Manucha & Bellamy or the David Chu Theatre – for some Drama! The actors perform skits, play excerpts, sword fights, and improv! Thunderous claps from a satisfied audience. Encore!

At last, the grand finale – the Music concert in Laidlaw Hall! Featuring renditions from all the bands – Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Senior Winds, Junior Jazz, Intermediate Jazz, Senior Jazz, and the Blue Notes. A glorious end to an inspiring evening!

An artist, whatever his medium, wears his heart on his sleeve when he creates his work. Seeing or hearing the product of his labours is nothing short of a glimpse into his psyche. Nuit Bleue juxtaposes the high arts as created and expressed by the talented young artists that study at UCC.

So next Thursday turn on your laptops, sit back and celebrate the Arts at UCC by watching UCC’s first ever online Nuit Bleue! Stay tuned to our Twitter channel for updates and links on how to join in!

Nina Mouzitchka
Arts Booster Club

(Poster by Nick Reszetnik)