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Noteworthy programs at the University of British Columbia

As one of Canada’s premier universities, UBC offers a number of special degree programs in addition to the Gateway programs for first-year students.  Check out a few of these listed below:

The Bachelor of Media Studies is an interdisciplinary, direct-entry program in the Faculty of Arts. Drawing on curriculum from Art History, Visual Art, English and German critical media theory, Creative Writing, Journalism, Film Studies, Film Production, Information Studies, and Computer Science, the BMS is a multidisciplinary program that combines media theory, research, and hands-on application.

The Bachelor of International Economics, a partnership between the Vancouver School of Economics and the Sauder School of Business, is designed to ensure that students graduate with a deep understanding of the workings of the global economy, as well as a strong technical training that will allow them to go on to careers in business, government, and academia. There are many opportunities for mentorship, exchanges, and internships.

UBC students can split their four years between France and Vancouver and earn degrees from both Sciences Po and UBC.

By adding a fifth year to their program, Arts and Science students can earn a Master of Management degree.