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Note from Health and Life Skills

Over the past few weeks, boys have shared that it can be harder to keep focused and on track as the school year winds down. They’re excited about the upcoming holidays but sad to be leaving their friends, tired from a busy year and ongoing activities (and late-night Raptors watching) and, at times, emotions run high.

In some Health and Life Skills classes we’ve been talking about how to manage these times and reviewing ideas from earlier in the year about taking caring of oneself, e.g. getting enough sleep, eating healthily, staying active and having downtime. We’ve also been talking about calming and problem-solving strategies for those times things go awry.

Learning to problem solve is a life skill that gets better with practise and sometimes we need help with it. Here are steps you can prompt your son to use:

  • Calm down: No one can effectively problem solve if upset. Slow, deep breaths can be helpful but figure out what works for each person.
  •  Think about the problem and assume good will. Maybe the bump you felt, from someone running by on the way to recess, was intentional, but maybe not. Before assuming the worst, think about the situation or check it out.
  • Consider, is this my problem? If not and those involved do not need or want help (you can ask them), then move on.
  • How big a problem is it?  Can I solve it on my own or do I need help from a friend or adult?
  • What’s a helpful choice? What will resolve the problem for all in a way that is helpful and safe? The size of the response should match the size of the problem.

Martha Boyce mboyce@ucc.on.ca