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New to Blue heads to Norval for some bonding time

New students and veteran mentors traveled by bus to Norval on Sept. 2. The Credit River flows through this 400-acre property, just 30 minutes northwest of our main campus; the talented Norval staff put together a series of fun activities that tested the boys’ mettle and had them working co-operatively. They got to know each other and began to understand the importance of teamwork with the closely knit residential community.The evening concluded with students sitting around a beautiful campfire prepared by the Norval staff. A tradition has developed over the years; veteran students take turns standing at their place around the fire and offering encouragement and words of wisdom to new students. Some boys talked about the importance of supporting roommates. Others spoke of the importance of meeting day boys by getting involved in a variety of co-curriculars. Some spoke of how they’ve become more resilient by not being afraid to ask for assistance when facing adversity in the classroom, the sports field, or with a roommate.

New to Blue Norval 6

Sebastian Argamasilla preparing for trip down the Credit River

New to Blue Norval 7

Zach Jackson being chased by Monster Ball

New to Blue Norval 1

Norval Campfire -Alberto Londono

New to Blue Norval 2

Brett Beckley and Luc Cesta pulling Alberto Londono over the wall

New to Blue Norval 3

Jeff Collins at the top of the pole climb

New to Blue Norval 4

Mr. Brent Evans preparing Kamran Ramji for the pole climb

New to Blue Norval 8

Evan Boeckh participating in the blanket toss