Heads Up

Welcome to Heads Up, your one-stop source for news about your son’s upcoming activities and events.

Are you familiar with our new Heads Up and website yet?

Thanks to all your great feedback on our online communications survey last April, we’re happy to respond with both a new version of Heads Up and the launch of a parents’ website at parents.ucc.on.ca

Key changes include a fully mobile-compatible version of Heads Up — as more than a quarter of you access this weekly e-newsletter on your cell phone. We anticipate even more of you will do so throughout the year. Because Heads Up is such a key document, you’ll see it now has its own easily-accessible link and page, the first one on the main navigation bar. Enhancing our divisional sections you will notice you can now select your sons’ grade, filtering the newsletter to present you only with information relevant to your sons. Also, please note the link to Future Ties, your essential guide to all that goes on between your sons and key dates and events within the university counselling office. 

The new website itself is almost completely public. (You must log in to Bluenet, however, to access the parent and faculty and staff directories, for example.) Features of interest include a “quick links” bar, an academics tab in the top-right corner and gateway boxes to both athletics and arts when you scroll down the page. There’s a front-page daily events calendar with specific listings and a newsfeed. And you’ll find the overall look and feel of the new site complements the public website at ucc.on.ca

Finally, you’ll be able to keep tabs on the latest Facebook posts which we aim to refresh a few times each day. Thanks to our ever-expanding audience interest, some posts are gathering upwards of 2-3,000 views daily. Be sure to “like” us if you haven’t done so.

We look forward to connecting with you throughout the year on our various channels. Please contact our online communications manager Simon McNeil with any questions or further feedback. 416-488-1125, ext. 2330; smcneil@ucc.on.ca