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Easing the transition for new arrivals

Veteran students and residential staff greeted new boys and their parents at the campus gate on Sunday, Aug. 31. We don’t underestimate the challenge of moving into a new community. The current students on hand to help new boys move into their new room fully understand the challenge of moving away from home, of meeting a roommate for the first time and in the case of some students – becoming accustomed to using the English language as the means of conversing with 87 new brothers.
We know this is also a stressful time for parents. Residential staff are prepared to assist every family that’s coming to terms with the fact that their most prized possession is taking an important step along the road to adulthood. The journey through adolescence is never easy; we’re grateful to every family that allows UCC the opportunity to assist their son’s academic, co-curricular and social development. The partnership truly started when the luggage arrived on campus; we look forward to developing a strong relationship with every parent in the years to come. As the saying goes: it takes a village to raise a boy!
Henry Lee heading to golf club storage

Henry Lee heads to golf club storage.

Andres Abascal Puente getting assistance from James Lutz

Andres Abascal Puente gets assistance from James Lutz.

Andres' father, mother and sister helping with the move

Andres’ father, mother and sister help with the move.

Mr. Bestard and Eric Rogic assisting Julian Zhao with his new textbooks

Mr. Bestard and Eric Rogic assist Julian Zhao with his new textbooks.

Faisal Agbonhin getting assistance from Philippe Archambault

Faisal Agbonhin gets assistance from Philippe Archambault.

Kal Shaw bringing the hangers

Kal Shaw brings the hangers.

Grierson Turpie and Noorain Noorani assisting Shaumik Baki

Grierson Turpie and Noorain Noorani assist Shaumik Baki.

Matt Baker assisting with the move

Matt Baker assists with the move.