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New To Blue scavenger hunt kicks off fun day

New students were challenged to participate in a city-wide scavenger hunt on Sept. 2. There were several reasons for this activity. First, there’s a significant level of value-added education open to students willing to explore the city when they have free time on weekends. Boys need to learn to use the public transit system; the scavenger hunt offered them the opportunity to use the subway, bus and street car system.
Every boy was issued a TTC day pass and given the opportunity to visit some important city sites. With the assistance of veteran students, new students visited Robarts Library at the University of Toronto and the Art Gallery of Ontario; a stunning new Alex Colville exhibit recently opened at the AGO. More than 100 works by the Canadian art icon will be exhibited this fall – the largest exhibit of the late Canadian artist’s work to date.
The boys were also challenged to find Chinatown and at least one other culturally significant neighbourhood; they were also challenged to find the Rogers Centre and Air Canada Centre.
At the dinner hour, boys were treated to a buffet-style dinner at the Mandarin restaurant, a few blocks north of the UCC campus; they will likely choose to visit it on their own with classmates over the school year.
Following dinner at the Mandarin, boys got back on the subway, and traveled north to Finch station, where they enjoyed an evening of five- and 10-pin bowling.
Mandarin 5

Scavenger Hunt team finds the Eaton Centre

Mandarin 6

Rain or shine…. Scavenger Hunt Team finds the CN Tower

Mandarin 4

Julian Zhao, Takoda Kemp, Henry Lee, Yuya Kawkami, Yin Xiao, Tien Nguyen and Nathan Jin locate the Air Canada Centre during the New to Blue Scavenger Hunt

Mandarin 3

Calvin Bouchard at the Mandarin buffet

Mandarin 2

Matt Baker at the Mandarin buffet

Mandarin 1

Juan Gomez, Jonathan Chu and Yuan Kong