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National “Take Your Child to Work Day” on Nov. 1

2877a6ec0c018e7085404106b5151190We support boys who want to observe any profession first hand by taking a school day to do so as part of “Take Your Child to Work Day” on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

However, academic and co-curricular programs will continue on as usual. Parents who choose to have their son participate in “Take Your Child to Work Day” are expected to communicate their intent by emailing Nancy Pyle.

Boys are to speak to the teachers of the classes they’ll miss on this day. As in all cases of absence, boys will be responsible for any work, assessments or evaluations missed. They should discuss alternative arrangements should they be required.

Parents are to make all arrangements for the visit and your son is required to submit to his adviser a written paragraph reflecting on his experience for his advising-careers portfolio. Details will be emailed to your son.

There will be regular classes for all non-participants.