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MYP interim report cards

Hello MYP parents,

Please note that the MYP interim report cards will be issued to you on January 27 via email. 

Assessment is integral to all teaching and learning and forms the foundation of our academic program. At the heart of our assessment practices are subject specific assessment criteria where each subject has four discrete criteria to be assessed. In order to provide students the opportunity to demonstrate their learning, teachers use a variety of rigorous tasks that require our students to work and think in different ways.

In order for assessment to be an effective tool for learning, it should be transparent. Within each MYP subject, each of the four assessment criteria are accompanied by descriptors that students can see in advance. In this way, what students need to do in order to complete a task is clear. Teachers then use their professional judgment to determine which descriptor best describes the work produced by the student.

This ‘criterion-related’ approach differs philosophically from a ‘norm-referenced’ approach (where students are compared to each other and usually to an expected distribution). In MYP assessment practices, students are measured against the criteria and against themselves. As a result, students are encouraged to reflect on their achievement and consider ways in which they can improve as they progress through the second half of the school year.

On the interim MYP report card you will find a detailed summary of your student’s current marks in each of the subject areas, Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills feedback and detailed comments from each of their teachers.

For more details on subject specific rubrics and assessment criteria, please find more information in our Community IB MYP @ UCC handbook here

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Joe Smith
IB MYP Coordinator