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Downloads Available:
UCC Study Trip 2018 program (1)
UCC Battlefields itinerary and April 2017 Flyer pdf[1]
UCC-KHS Student Exchange 2016

International Citizenship Trips (Open to Classes of 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018)

1. Uganda (two weeks; March 2018)

2. Costa Rica (one week; March 2018)

3. Poland Trip – with Rachel Metalin (two weeks; March 2018)
Please see attachment for a draft itinerary. Contact Rachel Metalin for more information.

4. Military History Immersion Program (onw week; June 2018)
This trip is free (kindly sponsored by The Cleghorn Family) but students must apply for a position. Students are responsible for researching the life and death of a UCC Old Boy who took part in either the First or Second World War, visiting the site of their Old Boy’s grave, then returning to Canada to present their finding to fellow classmates in an assembly in the fall. The application process begins in early September with decisions being finalized by early October. Please see attached for an itinerary of the trip for 2017. Contact Gregory McDonald for more information.

National Exchange Trips (Open to Classes of 2020, 2019, 2018)

5. Kugluktuk (1 week away; 1 week exchange student at your home; March 2018)
You must be willing to host a student in your home for one week to participate in this small exchange program, with only three students accepted. Students travel with girls from St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School in Oakville, Ont. I have attached the trip plan from 2016. This trip runs in even years only. Contact Katie Tanz for more information.

International Exchange Trips (Open to Classes of 2021, 2020)

6. Exchanges (dates & length vary depending on student’s needs)
We’re developing this program over the next few years. At the moment, we have two exchanges in place for Australia (Perth and Adelaide) but hope to expand our offerings to include different countries and language exchanges/trips. For the Australian exchange, students travel to Australia in the summer or fall and their exchange partners come here in the spring. Please contact Deirdre Timusk  if you’re interested.

Other National Trips (open to all students)

7. Duke of Ed Trips – via MHO Adventures or Adventure Works (June 2017)
Your son must be 14 and registered with the Duke of Edinburgh organization before he goes on an expedition for his prestigious Duke of Ed Bronze, Silver or Gold badge. No UCC faculty go on these trips but these are the two companies which run our Y1 Norval program and they have a long association with the Norval outdoor education facility. For more information, please contact the organizations involved directly listed below:


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