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Middle Years | Design update

I hope this finds all of our families well and safe. Given the current circumstances, we’ve had to adapt our curriculum to ensure the safety of our students and faculty. With some ingenuity and effort, we continue to deliver an engaging, skill-based program to students in Years 6 and 7. The Prep Design department would like to share with you some of the creative, inspiring, and outstanding work being done by our boys, including:

Year 6

The focus of the first unit, Media and My message, is digital media. The boys created posters with positive messaging around wellbeing. They researched how to create effective posters — colours, layouts and positive messaging — and they generated multiple design ideas. From there, they used Gravit, an online graphic design software, to create the posters. These were printed by the UCC Print Shop and will be placed around the Prep to further distribute positive messaging and strategies for maintaining wellbeing.






Year 7

The first unit in Year 7, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, focused on the development of a digital logo to communicate the personal vision statements created by the boys. Their task began with the development of their personal vision statement, which captured their ideal self five to ten years from now. The design process began with researching the components and design of effective logos (colour theory, fonts, shapes, etc.). The boys then created multiple draft logos using Gravit, an online graphic design software. These were evaluated and they chose one as their final product. This logo was then transferred to a contact card for their laptop and to the laser cutter for engraving into a wood panel.

Design at home

Should you wish to further develop your son’s skills in design, we have included a sample of websites with sample activities that encourage your son to apply design-thinking skills to solve a variety of challenges.

  1. Design Squad — a resource from PBS.
  2. The Tech Interactive — design-based activities with easy to find materials.
  3. NASA — a series of engineering challenges (some are more time and material intensive).
  4. Makers Empire — a series of challenges that incorporate 3D printing


Kerry Dupuis, Tom Sharpe, Anthony Chandler, Sarah Barclay, Nigel White and Kathy Tran
Middle Years Design