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Middle Division survey follow-up

Earlier this year we conducted a survey of our parents and students within the Middle Division. We were interested in opinions on what is working well in the Middle Years and on possible opportunities for improvement. Overall, our purpose for conducting the survey was to collect as much data as possible to inform discussions that will support continual enhancements of the Year 6 and Year 7 program.

Both surveys were categorized as satisfaction surveys and were available for:

  • Parents – approximately seven days
  • Students – approximately 30 minutes during class

Participants used a four-point scale, from poor to excellent, to indicate their satisfaction with various components of the Middle Division program.

Questions within the survey were formulated to provide feedback on:

  • Perceptions of both students and parents on certain aspects of the Middle Division program (e.g. MYP assessment, transition to Middle Division /new school year, communication, organizational support, academic support, pastoral care, etc.)
  • Parent and student feelings toward school in general
  • Mr. Evans’ and Ms. Sweeney’s practices

Before conducting the survey we assumed:

  • We would receive positive comments about the school and the Y6/Y7 program
  • That while in our third year of MYP implementation, we may receive some insightful and constructive feedback
  • We would receive favourable comments about our efforts to support student adjustment
  • Feedback on communication would offer some suggestions on improvement

The survey was anonymous. However, several parents chose to identify themselves and many contributed comprehensive anecdotal comments with regard to several aspects of the Y6/Y7 program. After completing a text evaluation we found that approximately 85 per cent of parent and student comments were either positive or neutral in nature. In addition, we were pleased to find that both parent and student understanding of MYP assessment has increased since UCC’s last measure of this item in spring 2018. However, the response rate of approximately 35 per cent for this survey is lower than the approximately 45 per cent response rate for last spring’s survey.

Despite receiving respectful measures of satisfaction the following themes were scored relatively lower than the majority of items:

  • Student support from specialist teachers (3.3 out of 4)
  • Communication from the main office (3.3 out of 4)
  • Understanding of MYP assessment (3.0 out of 4)

Other interesting findings include slight differences between:

  • Y6 and Y7 students and how they measure the effectiveness of assemblies
  • Parents and students and their perception of how much students “like school”
  • Y7 parents and Y7 students and their understanding of MYP assessment

As a result, our next steps will involve using the survey results to inform agenda items for faculty meetings in the future. As well, a concerted effort will be made to explore the slight differences and relative lows while using the following items as our lens:

  • Advising
  • Programming for student wellbeing
  • MYP assessment and academic supports
  • Communication practices

Lastly, we hope that a positive side effect of conducting our survey includes faculty, students, and parents being reminded that the Prep School is always open minded and welcoming of constructive feedback. We truly believe that keeping lines of communication open with our constituents is essential to continually improving our programming and operational performance.

We sincerely thank everyone who participated in this year’s Middle Division survey.

Gareth Evans gevans@ucc.on.ca



Blue: Whole School
Yellow: Upper School
Red: Prep School


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