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Review Middle Division summer letter sent July 10

July 10, 2014

Dear Middle Division parents,

I hope that you and your family are enjoying a safe and relaxing summer. While it may seem early, especially in the minds of the boys, I would ask you to be aware of some important ‘things-to-do’ and dates in this letter.

Included in this mailing are the 2014-15 Prep School Family Handbook and Prep Parents’ Organization Volunteer Handbook.You will be best served if you are familiar with the contents of both publications, the UCC website (www.ucc.on.ca) and remain a devoted reader of our weekly electronic broadcast, Heads Up.

The Partnership Between Home  Early in the school year, you will have a number of opportunities to communicate directly with teachers and administrators both in person and in writing. We invite you to take advantage of these opportunities to establish an open and supportive relationship with those who care for your son at the Prep and direct any questions or concerns to your son’s Form Adviser as they arise. Please refer to the Communication Section of the Prep Family Handbook for further details.

Your e-mail address Notification to parents of a major school emergency (lockdown or evacuation), parent access to password protected information and photos on the website, use of directories to contact other parents, and receipt of the weekly electronic broadcast information are dependent upon your timely login and/or update of your e-mail address, address and phone number in the website database.

Prep Employee Notes

We are pleased to announce the following appointments for the Prep for September 2014:

  • Nancy Preston becomes the Middle Years art teacher (replacing the retired, Connie van Rijn) and continues in her role as Prep Art Co-ordinator.
  • Christie Gordon has been appointed as the Form 1 Teacher.
  • Michael Schmidt has been appointed as the Science Teaching Assistant replacing Monika Kastelic (who has become the Primary Art Teacher.)
  • Allison Lingenfelter becomes the Form 1-2 Teaching Assistant replacing Yvonne Lai.
  • David Osorio is the new Physical Education Teaching Assistant replacing Hailey Zimcik.
  • Alessandra Matera returns to the role of Primary Teaching Assistant, replacing Tory Boeckh.
  • Blair Yungblut, one of our Residential Teaching Assistants takes over from Calum Matthews in the Prep Centre for Learning.
  • Mary Power has been appointed as the Prep Library Assistant during Adrienne Fisher’s year leave of absence.

At Norval, Brent Evans (the Norval Teacher) replaces Bill Elgie, who is taking a year leave of absence. Angus Murray will assume Mr. Evans’ role for the year. Jackie Birch replaces Allyson Brown as one of our outdoor education instructors.

Do your Sons Have all their Textbooks? If you have not already purchased used textbooks in June and ordered the required additional texts available through the Canadian School Book Exchange, please do so as soon as possible. To check whether you have all the required books, or to order:

  1. Go to the UCC website: www.ucc.on.ca and click on the Parents tab (top right.)
  2. Click the Bookstore link under Resources on the left.
  3. Click on 2014/15 Middle School Bookstore Student Portal.
  4. Follow the instructions to select and order your books.

Orders may take up to 3 weeks to process. Call CSBE Customer Service at 905-828-7200 (800-335-5043 toll free) with any questions.

Stationery Items for all Prep Students All Prep students are initially provided with all the necessary required stationery items, including binders, paper, notebooks, calculators (where appropriate), and other equipment and these are included in your tuition payment. Students will receive these items over the first few days of school as required. Replacement for lost or additional supplies including locks is at family expense.

Laptop Distribution On Wednesday, September 3, Sarah Barclay, our IT integrator, will meet with all Form 6 and 7 new boys to review basic laptop skills and to get them logged in to their assigned laptop. They will not take their laptop home at this time.

Form 7 new boys will also review our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The documents will have to be taken home to be signed by you and returned on September 4. New Form 7 students will return their signed AUP to the Help Desk to get their laptop on Thursday morning. On Thursday, all Form 7 boys will log in, set up the wireless, log in to Gmail, calendar and tasks. Returning Form 7 students who are already taking their laptops home will be provided with their paperwork on Thursday and will be asked to return it, signed, on Friday, September 5.

On Thursday, September 4, all Form 6 students will review our Acceptable Use Policy and Academic Honesty documents with Ms Barclay or Ms Jensen. These documents will be taken home to be signed by you, and returned by Friday. On Friday, September 5, Form 6 boys will receive their laptops, log in, set up the wireless, log in to Gmail, calendar and tasks. Students who will not have returned the signed documents will not be able to leave the session with their laptop. They will be able to retrieve their laptop from the Help Desk once they have returned the signed documents. 

Uniform We’re looking forward to greeting our new boys on Wednesday, September 3 and all boys back at school on Thursday, September 4. Look your best in your fall-spring uniform as described in the Prep Family Handbook.

Grooming We recommend that your son make a trip to the barbershop or salon before his return to school and in advance of student photos on Monday, September 8.

Please note that your son’s hair is to be neat, of natural hair colour, well groomed, no longer than the top of the eyebrows in the front and not touching the bottom of the student’s collar. The intent here is for a student not to draw attention to his appearance and to be able to see properly without having to move his hair to the side.

Labeling your Son’s Belongings It is the responsibility of students and parents to ensure that all pieces of clothing, equipment and school materials are labeled with your son’s first name, last name and Form. These include school and athletic shoes, ties, shorts, track tops and pants, socks, cleats and hockey sticks, binders, notebooks, textbooks, and pencil cases, lunch boxes and water bottles. Boys misplace belongings so save your money and please complete this important task before the beginning of school!

Use of Cell Phones During School Days  Students are not permitted to use their phones during the day unless given permission by a teacher. Therefore, their phones should be off and kept in their lockers. If your son needs to contact you during the day, he can use the school phone outside the office or ask a teacher to use a classroom phone.

After school (3:30 for Form 6 and 4:00 for Form 7), students are allowed to use their phones only in the Bitove Lounge.

Prep Blues Shop The Prep Blues Shop and Upper Blues Shop will open for back to school business on Monday, August 18, 2014. The stores will be fully stocked and no appointments are necessary. Shop hours of operation are as follows:

Prep Blues Shop  Upper School Blues Shop
Monday 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Wednesday 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Thursday 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.


If you need to get in touch with Patti Cawker-Chiang you can reach her at the Upper and Prep Blues Shops at 416-488-1125, press 1, extension 4500 or via e-mail at pcawker@ucc.on.ca.

Upcoming Events Please refer to the online calendar at www.ucc.on.ca on a regular basis to keep informed about upcoming Prep events. As a convenience to families, here are a few reminders about the first weeks of school.

Before Wednesday, September 3


Athletics get off to a quick start. Come prepared with your athletic equipment including your soccer cleats. Please consult the Prep Family Handbook Physical Education Uniform page.

Athletics for boys in Form 7 (team tryouts and intramurals) will begin on Thursday, September 4, and for Form 6 on Friday, September 5.

Wednesday, September 3

Welcome to Forms 1-7 new boys and parents. Student guides will escort new boys to their classrooms between 8:30 and 9 a.m. Form Advisers start student orientation at 9 a.m. The orientation ends at 11 a.m. for all except new Form 7 students, who will be dismissed after a special instrumental band orientation at 12 noon.

At the same time, the Prep Parent Organization welcomes new parents at the New Parents Reception (Forms 1-7) in the Prep Dining Hall. New Parents are most welcome to wait in the Bitove Lounge until their sons are ready to go home at 11 a.m. (Form 6) or 12 noon (Form 7.)

Thursday, September 4

Welcome to all new and returning Prep students in Forms 1-7. This is a regular school day. Orientation with Form Advisers begins. The hot lunch program begins. Team tryouts and intramural games begin. Dismissal times and procedures are detailed below. After School Program supervision is available starting today.

Friday, September 5

Regular school day.

Sunday, September 7

Are you interested in what hooks Prep students at Norval? All families are invited to make plans now to attend the Norval Open House at the Norval Outdoor School (1 – 3 p.m.) See your Prep Family Handbook for directions to Norval.

Monday, September 8

Photo Day: All boys are asked to bring their best smiles and come in their number one dress (please check the Family Handbook) with a white shirt.

Sunday, September 14

This is the day of the Terry Fox Community Run. UCC hosts one of the sites for the Community Run and all families are invited to participate.

Thursday, September 18

The Forms 6 -7 Parent Information Evening takes place in Weston Hall (7-9 p.m.) Your attendance is strongly recommended. This is your opportunity to hear a few key messages from the Prep leadership team, and to meet your son’s Form Adviser and his classmates’ parents.

Friday, September 26

Terry Fox Foundation National School Run Day on UCC campus. This is our first Colour House event – stay tuned for more details!

Saturday, September 27

Association Day

Fall Norval Dates

Norval permission forms will be distributed during the first week of class. On the day of departure, boys should report to their Form room at the normal time wearing their casual Norval clothes. The bus returns from Norval by 3 p.m., dependent upon traffic conditions and students will be dismissed at their regular dismissal time.

Please note that we attempt to program around important religious holy days as much as possible. However, in some cases, this proves impossible, as it would push Prep trips into times of the school year in which weather conditions would adversely affect programs. We fully honour and respect family wishes to have their boys remain at home and we would ask you to contact your son’s Form Adviser, who will help make arrangements with the Norval Director.

Dismissal Procedures

Form 6 boys should be ready for pick up after 3:30 p.m. Form 7 boys should be ready for pick up after 4 p.m. after their games period (every day, except Wednesdays, when they are dismissed at 3:30 p.m.) To ensure the safety of all students and adults on campus, we would ask your co-operation to follow these procedures:

  • Plan to arrive as close to dismissal time as possible to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.
  • The areas around the Prep are “No Idle” zones. Please minimize your fuel consumption and contribute to a healthier atmosphere.
  • Please do not park in the pick-up/drop off zones and leave your car. If you need to park, use the visitor parking along the drive between the Upper School and the Prep, in the Arena parking lot, or off grounds.
  • Please follow the directions of College employees.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation. Please enjoy the remaining days of your summer. We’re looking forward to reconnecting with boys and families in September!