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Message from Tom Babits, head, Primary Division

Dear parents,

Tom BabitsIt’s February 12 and it’s already been a long and busy winter at the Prep. Students, supported by faculty, are involved in many co-curricular activities. There have been swim meets, basketball and hockey tournaments, most notably the Canadian Association of Independent Schools National Tournament hosted by UCC. The Form 5 hockey team travelled with the Form 7 team to Montreal to play in a tournament hosted by Lower Canada College. The big tournaments and trips offer opportunities to be billeted, or to host a billet, which is a wonderful experience for the families involved. Our actors and singers have been busily preparing for the musical, Hairspray, which is only a week away. I offer sincere thanks to all those parents and faculty who support the boys in their co-curricular endeavours. The value to the overall educational experience of co-curricular involvement cannot be overstated.

It’s also been a tough winter for many with respect to illnesses at the Prep. Please remind your boys about good hygiene practices such as handwashing and sneezing into tissues or their arm. Also, importantly, if your son has a fever please keep him at home. In case you missed it, this is the message from Gina Suva, our school nurse:

This is a reminder that we have many viruses circulating at school right now. If your son has a fever, is vomiting, has diarrhea or is coughing consistently, please keep him at home so he can rest and recover properly. We also need students to stay at home so we can help prevent the spread of all of these illnesses. The key here is to please keep him at home for at least 24 hours without symptoms when he is not on medication. This helps to prevent the spread of germs among our students.

An another matter, I would like to remind the community about traffic safety once again:

  • Please slow down and pay careful attention when driving around the school at drop-off and pick-up time. Children are a joy, but can also be unpredictable.
  • Please do NOT park your car in front of the Prep in the drive through pick-up zone.

Thank you for your cooperation on all these matters that pertain to student safety and well-being. As they say, “It takes a villlage.” So thanks for doing your part.

All the best for a wonderful Founder’s and Family Day long weekend.