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Message from SK

The SKs are well into their unit about matter. They’ve been exploring how matter can change states and what factors cause this to happen. They enjoyed participating in an experiment that highlighted the water cycle and demonstrated matter in all states. They had good fun exploring gas as they watched a balloon inflate by mixing vinegar and baking soda, and watched raisins dance in a carbonated drink. Their excitement and interest in this unit has extended into their play as they transformed our drama centre into a science lab where they enjoy mixing and measuring in their imaginative play.

animal_mittenThis unit continues to provide a great deal of opportunity for writing. The boys are being encouraged to add details in their writing. In contrast, in their reading, we’ve been supporting the students as they learn to summarize information, with the intention of sequencing and retelling the story. They particularly enjoyed exploring the story The Mitten by Jan Brett and we’ll revisit this story again in the days remaining before the March Break.

While exploring matter, the boys have had many authentic experiences in measurement. They’ve been exploring the difference between standard and non-standard measurement and, in addition, they’ve been sequencing events and ordering by size. Many of the boys are very excited to have begun discussing addition and subtraction in word problems. They’re learning to identify key words in the questions and to articulate the various strategies they use to solve problems.

We wish all of the SK boys and their families a wonderful, safe March Break!