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Unknown-2The SK boys have taken our “Let’s Play” unit of inquiry in a unique and exciting direction. While observing the class, we noticed many of the boys showed an interest in puppets and began to express a desire to create a puppet show. When we sat down with the whole class to explore the idea of creating a class puppet show, there were some mixed feelings at first. While the majority of the boys were very keen, some weren’t interested. However, as the discussion progressed and we brainstormed the many different responsibilities involved in creating a puppet show (lights, crew, music etc.), the enthusiasm quickly spread and soon all of the boys had found an avenue that peeked their interest and excitement.

The main goal in this unit of inquiry is to provide opportunities for the boys to learn and practise how to play in a fair and kind way while understanding that’s not always an easy thing to do. So far, the puppet show has offered many circumstances to challenge their thinking and explore various solutions to difficult situations. They have practised using strategies such as “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” or “paper, rock, scissors” to make decisions in a small group and have become proficient at taking a survey, using tally marks and graphing to vote. They’ve considered what it means to compromise and are attempting to incorporate this into their decision making. Ms. Boyce has offered suggestions as to how to use words, tone and body language to ensure our friends’ feelings aren’t hurt during sensitive conversations. For example, what do you say to a friend who has “lost” in a vote? As the unit progresses, there are sure to be many more opportunities for the boys to learn and practise new strategies.

In addition to the many opportunities to explore probability, numeracy, reading and writing in our unit of inquiry, the SK boys have also begun our literacy/numeracy/inquiry centres within the classroom. With the help of Ms. Chesworth (courtesy of the Centre For Learning), the boys are working their way through small grouped centres carefully planned to meet their individual learning needs. With the home reading program now in full swing, the SK program is bustling.

We wish to thank all of the SK parents for their support of the program thus far. Please be sure to ask your son about his role in the developing puppe, show and keep your fingers crossed that a class vote may result in an invitation for each of you to attend!



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