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Message from SK

The SK classroom is a busy one! Thank you for your continued efforts to arrive by 8:15 a.m. each morning. It’s lovely to see the relationships developing between the boys when they have time to greet and catch up with one another each morning.

Our unit of inquiry is developing nicely. The boys have explored responsibility in their family, classroom, school and neighbourhood. They’ve taken on more responsibility in the classroom. We’re impressed by their willingness to help and their efforts to remember to complete their job each morning. We’ll close this unit of inquiry by revisiting the essential agreements offered by the students at the beginning of the unit. The boys will fine-tune the agreements based on what they’ve learned about the most important elements of a well-functioning classroom community.

Within our unit, the students have continued to develop their understanding of data management with graphing activities. They’re practising how to conduct a survey, tally answers, graph results and analyze their findings. The students have also begun their printing lessons and participated in shared and independent writing activities as well.

The highlight of our last few weeks was most certainly our trip to Norval. The boys enjoyed a short hike, a bug hunt in the meadow, outdoor games, planting tulips, collecting leaves, meeting and learning about the chickens and, of course, Norval’s delicious lunch. The staff commented on how polite and kind the SKs were and we couldn’t have agreed more. It was a very successful first excursion to Norval.

A few reminders/requests:

– If you didn’t submit a family photo at your entry interview, please send one in (it doesn’t need to be an original print). It would be lovely for the boys if we displayed these pictures in the classroom to remind them of you throughout the day.

– Please continue to collect and send in your recyclable materials (paper towel rolls, etc). We’ll add these items to our “creation station” to support the boys in creating art.

– Please ensure that your son’s P.E. bag contains his track pants and sweater as the cooler weather has arrived.

Thank you for attending the settling-in interviews on Monday. It was a pleasure to meet with each of you and share our experience with your sons to date. If any questions arise in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact us.