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Message from Scott Cowie, head, Senior Division

Upcoming Senior Division dates:

Scott CowieTuesday, Oct 14: Principal’s assembly; Laidlaw Hall; 8:30 a.m.; guest speakers Old Boys Andrew Friedenthal and Sam Mandlsohn
Wednesday, Oct. 15: PSAT for all Foundation Year students – Lett Gym, 8 a.m.
Thursday, Oct. 16: IB2 trip to Stratford

In speaking with my kids about the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend, they briefed me on the history of our fall festive feast. In short, in their words: “Canadian Thanksgiving was founded by a loser!”

While I think their characterization of Martin Frobisher is a bit dramatic, there is some truth to their point of view. Prior to settling in as an explorer, the Englishman Frobisher was a pirate, a prisoner and a prospector. Indeed, after serving time in the Tower of London for piracy, he set out on numerous attempts to find the Northwest Passage. On more than one of these explorations through our northern waters, Frobisher and his crew cut their journeys short, loaded their ships with what they thought was gold and headed back to England. Upon trying to extract the gold from the ore, it was discovered that the precious cargo was in fact worthless pyrite, “fools gold.”

Despite Frobisher’s failures, in 1578, during one of his failed attempts to find the Northwest Passage, he and his crew stopped in Newfoundland to reflect on their journey thus far, share the bounty of a fruitful harvest, and give thanks for their safety and well-being – and Canadian Thanksgiving was born. Incidentally, this means that the first Thanksgiving dinner in North America was held here in the Great White North, not with the pilgrims on Plymouth Rock. Sorry Dr. Power, but we beat you guys to it.

I think we can learn a lot from Frobisher – not so much about prisons or piracy – but more about perspective, perseverance and being grateful amidst challenge and hardship.

I suspect you won’t be sailing the high seas any time soon, but if your Thanksgiving weekend is going to be anything like mine, it’ll likely involve a lot of driving as you connect with family and friends. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and in particular its focus on “sharing,” I’d like to pass along a brief commercial sent to me by a current parent earlier this year. It delivers a very powerful message about safe driving – one that is relevant for adults, young drivers, and passengers who may be in a car with someone else behind the wheel.

Here’s the link to the video.

Wishing you safe travels, and an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend.

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