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Message from Scott Cowie, head, Senior Division

Scott CowieUpcoming Senior Division Dates:

Tuesday, Feb. 10 – Parent-Teacher Interview Day – no classes
Wednesday, Feb. 11 – IB2 Student Grade Level Meeting (Batt Ball Focus and Final IB2 Assembly)
Wednesday, Feb. 11 – Founder’s Dinner: Lett Gym, 6 p.m.
Thursday, Feb. 12 – Founder’s Day Assembly: Special Speaker – Reza Satchu, Co-Founder of the Next 36: Laidlaw Hall, 8:30 a.m.

Over 45 years ago, Phillip Morris, known then as the leading tobacco company in the U.S., launched its Virginia Slims campaign with the slogan: “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby.” Essentially, the advertisement was supposed to be a nod to the women’s liberation movement, with some recognition of how far women had come with respect to their place in society.

The reSC message pictureward women all over the world received for the progress made toward gender equity? Their very own “slender” cigarette.

The irony can’t be overlooked – a specialized brand of an addictive substance that’s unique to women, thereby further drawing attention to the differences between the sexes.

Nowadays, the iconic slogan is part of our vernacular and is often used in reference to any type of progress made on a large scale.

I’ve always said that Laidlaw Hall is our biggest classroom, in that your boys are provided with numerous opportunities to listen to divergent points of view and think critically about what is being presented to them. Indeed, in this respect it’s been a very interesting, many might even say “ground-breaking” week here at the College.

During Monday’s assembly the boys heard from transgendered Alyx Duffey from the EGALE organization who spoke to the boys about gender identity, homophobia and creating welcoming environments for all.

That same evening, as you’ve likely heard, infamous whistle-blower Edward Snowden kicked off our annual World Affairs Conference with a keynote address via video conference from an undisclosed location in Russia.

I suspect that some might view either or both speakers, and the opinions they expressed in their respective addresses, as atypical, and even controversial. Others might be pleasantly surprised that an institution with a 186-year old tradition would be open to hearing some non-traditional messaging and might even say of us, “You’ve come a long way baby.”

Regardless of your personal opinions, providing opportunities to hear unconventional points of view create opportunities for further dialogue ,which can only help us grow as individuals and enhance the educational experience for all.

I’d encourage you to continue conversations with your son about what he heard this week, both in Laidlaw Hall and in the ensuing discussions he may have had with his teachers and peers.

Thanks for reading,