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Message from Ian Robinson, head, Middle Division

ianrobinson2To the parents of boys in Form 6 and 7:

You may know the Tom Jones song which includes the lines: “another day older and deeper in debt,” but that’s certainly not the case here. The boys are charging positively through the term and as I’m watching them I’m trying to find a second line to follow this: “another week over” but I have come up empty so far. Any thoughts from those who read Heads Up? Just send them to me – the superb prize being named recognition in a future edition of Heads Up.

I would urge all of you to visit the new building site outside my office as Evergreen start to work on the play area for our boys which is scheduled to be completed in December – all things being equal. I have to admit that the sounds of concrete slabs being cut up and then hauled away, together with the odour of gas fumes from the machinery, has meant closed windows for much of the week. It’s a minimal sacrifice for what promises to be an outstanding addition to the Prep. We should all like to thank the generous donors, the advisors and the members of the committee who spent countless hours refining the plans, thus ensuring that this dream could become a reality.

The Form 6 and 7 parent receptions have been very enjoyable for Mr. Kawasoe and me and we hope for many of you too – informal conversations in a pleasant setting with refreshments sets the evening off very well and it was a pleasure to meet so many of you at these events. Other parents, as well as the teachers and students, have worked very hard to show work and to make the Prep look attractive; I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you as we host prospective families at the Open Houses this week. The only absentees are the U13A soccer team which is participating in the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools tournament, this year being hosted in Montreal by Selwyn House School and Lower Canada College. We wish them much success as they compete against the foe – some familiar, others not – and live with the families. What a great experience.

Yesterday, the rest of Form 7 and a few parents were an excellent audience for a presentation by Robin Brooke-Smith, author of Storm Warning (published 2013), a book describing his experiences as principal of Edwardes College in Peshawar, a city on the Pakistani-Afghan border. Among his successes achieved while there, he invited girls to join the previously all-boy school a move that has continued ever since even though the school is surrounded by Taliban and others who clearly disapprove. After his presentation, the boys asked insightful and intriguing questions and Robin (who also was principal at UTS for a few years) was extremely impressed by their preparation and interest. Well done boys and a fine learning session for all.

The two nights before Halloween offer you evenings of thespian skill as the Form 4-6 play and the Form 7 play are performed. I have skulked around some of their rehearsals trying to look innocuous and my suspicion is that we’re in for two absolute treats. That’s going to be a highlight evening for two of our grandchildren who are visiting from Chicago and we all look forward to another full and exciting week. How about that line following: “another week over …” Between us we could make literary history.

Have a great weekend and next week.