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Message from Ian Robinson, Middle Division head


I write today happy because our summer has at last started and will apparently last for a week. So smiles all around, but we’d better be prepared to hunker down when winter arrives, according to those who claim knowledge about such matters.

It was a real pleasure to meet so many of you at the Middle Division information night last Thursday. There was an optimistic buzz all evening long and conversations describing courses continued well past the official ending hour. Thank you for attending, and here’s to a wonderful year.Boys greeting Mr. Bardai Sept. 22

It’s been a genuine delight to spend time with Naheed Bardai and introduce him to all things UCC and, more specifically, all things Middle Division. He’s impressed us all with his keen grasp of schooling in general and the International Baccalaureate in particular. I must congratulate Form 7 students Kurt, Simon and Troy for the quality of their questions as they interviewed and gently grilled Bardai during our assembly on Monday. He was forced to reflect but, being the fine public speaker that he is, was able to answer their questions succinctly and clearly. He also took a few questions from the Form 6 and 7 audience which one might call brave, but there was clear interest in which sports, teams and even players he liked. It was a great start to our week.

JPC at assembly Sept. 22There was another remarkable contribution to that assembly from Form 6 adviser J.P. Cavalluzzo. Linking the “challenge” theme of the previous Monday (which examined what “success” and “value” really mean to people), he talked about when his family arrived in Canada and other parts of his family’s story as an introduction to informing us that his father had been awarded the Order of Canada a week earlier by Governor General David Johnston. Cavalluzzo was able to attend the ceremony in Ottawa, which was a memorable event for a proud family, and he stressed his father’s belief that what matters in life are taking risks, dreaming big and expressing gratitude. That’s good advice for all of us.

I was fortunate to go to Norval yesterday morning with Bardai and division heads Tom Babits and Derek Poon. We talked briefly to the boys of 7L and 7M and, of course, to Laurie Fraser and Scott Manning. What a program this is for these fortunate boys, and in such a fabulous setting. They were all in great shape and enjoying the experience to the fullest.

Lastly, this week ends with the Terry Fox Run tomorrow (Casual Dress Day – Colour House colours) and Association Day on Saturday. A-Day is the annual celebration of UCC as a school and a community. I most sincerely hope and expect to see many of you on the campus on that important day.