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Message from Ian Robinson, head, Middle Division

ianrobinson2To parents of boys in Forms 6 and 7:

A big welcome back to all of you although for many, one could not call this weather welcoming! Having spent a very cold, windy week in Chicago with our family and returning to what we are experiencing now in Toronto, I have to wonder whether our gentle December is to be frozen out in 2015.

Enjoy anyway!

Term has begun as instantly as always, and we all appear to go from a standing start to full speed ahead in one day. With the Form 7 hockey team off to Nichols in Buffalo today and the swim team off to Hillfield-Strathallan in Hamilton on Saturday, at the same time as the Boyd Caldwell Trophy and competitions are taking place at UCC tomorrow and Saturday, all of this activity indicates how quickly we are involved athletically as a community combined with academic and artistic programs in full flow. Once again, welcome back.

For the Middle Division, the first reporting cycle ends tomorrow. That means that the teachers involved will be working hard at writing the reports which, all things being equal, will be available to you electronically by the end of this month. I trust that there will be no enormous surprises and I urge you to read these reports with care since they describe the first half of the 2014-2015 academic year. Enjoy once more!

I would like to invite you to what will prove to be a thoroughly interesting and entertaining assembly on Friday, Jan. 16. Just as a reminder, Middle assemblies will no longer take place on Tuesdays and whenever possible will be on Fridays. Prep parent Fred Eaton, father of Fredrik and William, was a member of the expedition that discovered the wreck of one of Franklin’s ships last summer. His descriptions and slides are fascinating. He’ll be presenting to the Middle Division at that assembly. Do please attend if you can and hear first-hand what that expedition was like.

This comes with the very best of wishes for a very successful term and, indeed, a happy and productive 2015.