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Message from Ian Robinson, head, Middle Division

To parents of Middle Division boys:

ianrobinson2I’ve known Don Kawasoe since he arrived at UCC in 1980. I had arrived here four years earlier. While I congratulate Don and his wife, Barb, on his decision to retire at the end of this academic year, he obviously leaves a major hole in the life of the school community – for boys, families, faculty and staff – both at the Prep and the Upper School.

Having been his colleague for 15 years, when we were both young and full of ebullience as we tackled our jobs under two Heads of the Prep, Dick Howard and then Hamish Simpson, Don and I really got to know each other well. He brought a great deal to the table: his insistence that all decisions revolved around the boys and their lives at UCC; his remarkable capacity to tackle hard tasks and make them doable; his industry, a word that does not fully capture the hours that he put into his work – probably far too many outside school time; his concern and solid approach in support of the well-being of the boys; his desire for positive problem solving; his love and understanding of the outdoors – a lasting memory that he put to wonderful use; and on top of all that, he played a mean game of squash.

Don’s personal qualities are also well known: always approachable and balanced, pragmatic and creative, he has over the last few years had his finger on the pulse of every aspect of UCC life. Above all, however, Don is a thoroughly decent, considerate and thoughtful husband, father, teacher and administrator. A very good man.

And so he retires, and deservedly so after these 35 years. However, I don’t believe that this is the last that this institution, made finer by his presence and contributions, will see or hear of him. If anyone deserves to wear the palm today, it is Don Kawasoe.

As the fall term draws to a close – we have two more weeks until the break – there are a number of highlights ahead of us: the Form 6 and 7 three-way conferences today and tomorrow, the Festive Marketplace tomorrow and the upcoming science fair in the last week. Add to that our recent musical extravaganzas – the Festival of Carols and Christmas Music last Sunday, the Form 6 and 7 December concert on Monday and the SK-Form 5 concert yesterday – all of which showed the incredible talent of our students and our teachers, we can certainly understand how full the month of December is. Enjoy, and I look forward to seeing you in the halls.





Blue: Whole School
Yellow: Upper School
Red: Prep School


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