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Message from Year 5

We’d like to thank you, parents, for your support and positive engagement all year. We can’t believe the summer is approaching so quickly and we want to take a moment to share our gratitude for the year of learning.

In terms of academic work, Year 5 is charging full speed ahead. Our food unit is under the transdisciplinary theme, “Sharing the Planet.” As such, the boys are looking at food from the lens of how what we eat impacts the planet. We have studied farming; factoring farming; organic; conventional; and fair trade. We’ve analyzed the carbon imprint of our food choices from an apple in Canada to plastic-wrapped treats from China. We’ve reflected on GMOs and learned how they differ from the natural selection process. We have also graphed global food waste. This is an opportune time to reinforce no food waste at home and try to switch those fussy eaters, for the good of the planet. We truly apologize if this unit of inquiry directly impacts your grocery bill.

In terms of language, the boys are writing fictional stories. We’re looking forward to reading their creations. We launched this last week with a visit from Shane Peacock. He explained the value of a hook at the beginning and how to maintain suspense. We also just launched a novel study, Food Fight. This graphic novel directly links to our unit of inquiry with an action-packed food conspiracy. To further support our reading program, the boys are reading articles on food distribution and health and are summarizing them.

In math, we’re wrapping up our final unit on area, perimetre and volume. The boys are required to know the formulas for each concept and appropriate units. Once this final unit is complete, the boys will write a final Year 5 math assessment that’s shared with the Year 6 teachers. This helps the upcoming math teachers understand the needs of our boys.

Events over the next few weeks include Grandparent’s Day, Primary Concert, Grade 5 Graduation Assembly, final Sports Assembly and our year-end luncheon. Our luncheon dates are Monday, June 3 for 5M, Wednesday, June 5 for 5F and Friday, June 7 for 5H. At the luncheon, each boy is required to make a dish that connects to our unit of inquiry. How can what he makes impact the health of the planet? He will need to carefully think of the type of dish he is making, the ingredients required, be aware while shopping for the ingredients (GMOs, fair trade, organic, factory farmed, 100-mile diet, etc. ), the cooking of the dish and how he will transport the dish to school (single-use plastic or reusable container). Please feel welcome to attend your son’s luncheon. This is a wonderful opportunity to join the classroom environment and eat an amazing meal.

Thank you again for your support.


The Year 5 teachers:
Jennifer Harper jharper@ucc.on.ca
Paul Faggion pfaggion@ucc.on.ca
Karyn McCormack kmccormack@ucc.on.ca