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Message from Year 5

If your son has suddenly become more persuasive when presenting you with his opinion or seeking an affirmative response to a request, we hope that some of his skills stem from our inquiry into persuasive writing. We examined a variety of writing samples and analysed the effectiveness of both language features and text organization. Students used their critical feedback to construct guidelines to follow when writing their own persuasive texts. Students are being provided with opportunities to practice writing persuasively on topics of their choices, and then they will be tasked with a writing assignment connected to our unit of inquiry about energy. They will be asked to select a source of energy and persuade others that it is the most sustainable choice for our future needs. Some students might also use these skills when taking action during Exhibition, such as writing persuasive letters to influential community members such as city councillors or members of provincial parliament.

In science class your sons are having a great time conducting hands on experiments with electricity and circuitry. And in their form rooms, through books, websites, videos and class discussions, they have studied a variety of energy sources including geothermal, nuclear, wave/tidal, biomass, solar, wind and hydroelectricity. Students recorded their findings using the PYP key concept questions of form and function to answer what is the energy source and how does it work. Having selected one source to study in more depth, they were put into small groups to investigate further. With dedicated research time, individuals will seek to find the advantages and disadvantages of their selected energy source, and they will explore possible ways in which their alternate energy source will be fair in terms of accessibility, cost and the health of the planet. They will then get together with their group members to decide how they will present their findings to the rest of the class. Groups might decide to make a book, movie, slideshow presentation, poster, or any other method that they choose, to teach us what they have learned.

While researching energy, students came across a variety of graphs. This led us into our next unit of math, an exploration of data management. Students will analyze the differences and similarities between bar graphs, line graphs, line plots, stem and leaf plots and circle graphs. They will also use data to create different graphs and practice interpreting information from reading different graphs.

In language, we are enjoying our novel study, The City of Ember. In class discussions students are asking questions, making predictions and identifying connections to better understand the text. We are exploring literary devices such as personification, metaphors and mood, to build upon our own skills as authors. We continue to expand our daily use of words from studying the vocabulary used in the novel. The expectation is that your son has all the chapters read and the written assignments completed in advance of the weekly due date. Students are given a week to complete the work, and given that this is the second term, we are really hoping for 100 per cent completion rate. Please help us to reach that goal by checking in with your son each week to ensure he has planned out his schedule to meet these deadlines. Your continued support is appreciated.

Karyn McCormack kmccormack@ucc.on.ca




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