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Message from Year 5

Year 5 ROM Parental Permission Form

Hello from Year 5!

The boys planted trees, harvested honey and camped in tents. When asked, their highlights include the chickens, running around the property searching for clues, the cookout lunch, free time, four square, games and of course, breakfast (always a favourite). Overall, Norval was a hit and it was a wonderful time for the boys to really bond with their classmates.

Many changes are occurring in the upcoming weeks, including:

Games. The fall season is now finishing and the boys will be picking their winter sports this Friday. The boys will be offered the options of trying out for hockey, trying out for basketball (an A and B team this year), joining the swimming team or committing to intramurals. The intramural sports will be hockey and basketball. 

Inquiry. We are just wrapping up our unit on governing bodies. This week involves a summative on “What is a governing body?” and a cumulative task from our novel, Girl Who Owned a City. Our next unit is an in-depth look at Indigenous nations in Canada including the First Nations and Inuit prior to European contact. The central idea of the new unit is: “People have different perspectives that influence interactions.” This upcoming week, the boys will be looking at the value of history and how history impacts us now. They will dive into communities and identify the features of a community. The work on historical perspective and communities will build into an in-depth look at Canada’s first communities.

Reading. To complement our inquiry, we are also focusing on reading non-fiction texts in language. The boys will be deconstructing the components of non-fiction text features and use this information to read about our history. We are continuing to practise highlighting key information while reading and pulling out the big idea.

Writing. The boys are continuing to practice paragraph writing and answering questions with ACE answers. During this upcoming inquiry unit, we will also jump into fictional writing as each boy constructs a “Pourquoi Tale,” explaining how something came to be.

In math, we are finishing our unit 2 on computations. Unit 3 takes a break from algorithms and jumps into geometry. The boys will be using protractors to measure angles, identify angles, using a compass to create congruent triangles, and reviewing the properties of polygons.

Field Trip. To compliment our unit on Indigenous nations, we will be heading to the ROM in a few weeks. 5M will go on Tuesday, November 27. Forms 5H and 5F will head to the ROM on Monday, December 3. All of the trips are a half day, leaving at 12:30 and returning for regular dismissal. While at the ROM, the boys will explore primary sources from the various Indigenous nations.  Please download the permission form linked at the top of this entry.

Finally, many boys in Year 5 are in the fall production tomorrow evening. We welcome friends and families to support our young actors and crew as they bring last year’s Year 5 Scripting Writing Club piece to life.

Jennifer Harper
5H Home Form teacher