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Message from Year 4

Year 4 Cycling Letter

Spring has arrived with a flurry of new ideas and activity in Year 4. This time of year is jam-packed with exciting new units, activities and initiatives.

In Language, we have been finishing our narratives. The boys have brainstormed ideas and are now drafting their story about how their main character overcame a personal challenge. Using our Book Club novels as inspiration, the boys were encouraged to write about a real-life problem that might happen in the life of a nine- or ten-year old boy. As a class, we brainstormed several examples of such problems and encouraged them to choose a topic they felt comfortable writing about.

Our writers have been working on Google Docs to write and share their narratives.The boys will look forward to sharing these with you at our student-led conferences. Their work with the Typing Club online program has enabled them to accurately type out their stories. The boys are encouraged to work on their typing, using the Typing Club program, at home. They have been given the log-in information.

In math, we’ve begun unit seven which focuses on fractions. It explores the relationship between a whole and its parts, and helps the boys develop an understanding of how to compare and order fractions.

We wrapped up our inquiry into human bodies this week. It’s been fun investigating the different body systems and how they’re connected. We have enjoyed the parent visitors who have come to speak to the boys about their careers. A special thank you to Vicky Bailey (Jay Bailey), Kathy Han (Wesley Wu) and Steven Miller (Sam Miller) for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. As a summative, the boys used the design-thinking process to create a prototype to address a health concern the average Year 4 student might face. Their inventive ideas and creative problem-solving reflected their understanding. We invited the Year 5 students to our Design Fair where students and teachers voted on the most creative, the most practical and the most detailed design.

This year, we have experimented with stretching one of our inquiry units throughout the year. Typically, we focus on an inquiry unit for four to six weeks but in the case of our “Communication” unit, we have been working all year on themes connected to self-expression and how people communicate. For April, we will be explore the themes of communication and how we express ourselves.

As an exciting addition to physical education and track and field, we have connected with the organization, Sharing Dance, a non-profit organization connected to Canada’s National Ballet School. It focuses on fostering a love and understanding of dance through community outreach. We will be doing four dance workshops. In our past two workshops, your sons demonstrated their enthusiasm and courage to try something that was new and different for many of them. Many thanks to Christine Chen, a Year 3 parent, for introducing us to the Sharing Dance program

Included in this week’s Heads Up is our Year 4 bike trip letter. The letter outlines our timeline for our cycling unit in Physical Education and our Norval trip. Please read this letter to ensure your son is ready to bring his bike, helmet and lock to school on Tuesday, April 23.

Kathryn O’Brien kobrien@ucc.on.ca
Michael Bushey mbushey@ucc.on.ca





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