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Message from Year 3

Our current unit of inquiry, “Adapt to Survive,” is in full swing. We are exploring how animals have adapted over time to survive in their habitat. The boys will research an animal individually and learn about its habitat, physical features and predator-prey relationships using library books, encyclopedias and websites. To support your son’s learning we encourage you to ask questions about adaptations.

We are investigating different structural and behavioural adaptations. We are creating learning experiences to help your son think critically about how these adaptations have helped or hindered animals from adapting to their habitats.

In math, we have wrapped up our geometry unit with a focus on measuring perimetre and area. We are now starting a short unit on measurement. We will be investigating how to use different units of measure within the metric system (mm, cm, m, km, etc.) This unit should run approximately two to three weeks with a focus on hands-on activities and application to real life. We will follow this unit with an extensive multiplication and division unit.

As the winter has finally set it, we ask you to please help your son take those extra few minutes in the morning to ensure that he is prepared for the weather. We go outside on most days unless the wind chills are below -25℃. Recess is meant to be a fun and social time for the boys. If they are not properly dressed they can potentially miss out on some of the benefits of this time.

As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We thank you for your ongoing support.

Warmest regards,
Ms. Crippin and Mr. Ferley ccrippin@ucc.on.ca; mferley@ucc.on.ca