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Message from Year 3

Boys are approaching the end of their unit on forces. They have investigated the scientific method, the effects of different forces and how to design an experiment that will test the impact of changing one variable in an experiment. On the horizon is a unit on animal adaptations which will begin before the winter break and carry on after the boys return in January. In math, the boys are deeply engaged in their geometry unit where they have investigated the attributes of polygons. Specifically, they have looked at different types of triangles based on both side length and angle types. We have also examined different quadrilaterals and polygons up to ten sides and created a piece of art by using only polygons.

It is incredible how quickly this first term is ticking by. Thank you to all who have helped our boys stay on track. The boys will continue to go outside at recess in this lovely Canadian winter weather so please ensure that they are sent with appropriate outdoor clothing. Boys are reminded that they are to leave their school shoes at school so that they are prepared for class and have appropriate footwear to wear outside at recess. Should the shoes need some TLC they can come home on Fridays with the gym bag and be returned on Monday. The boys are expected to be in First Dress every second Thursday for assembly, this includes white shirt, blazer, tie, and pants. The next First Dress day is Thursday, Nov. 29.

Families will soon be receiving Norval forms for our upcoming day trips to Norval on Tuesday, Dec. 4 (3C) and Thursday, Dec. 6 (3F). Please ensure that all information on these forms is correct and returned. The program is engaging and includes bird catching, visits from bird conservation groups, and the collecting and dissecting of “owl pellets” to see what they have been eating!

Thank you all for your continued partnership,

Mark and Carly
mferley@ucc.on.ca; ccrippin@ucc.on.ca