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Message from Year 3

We have had a few very busy weeks in Year 3. The boys tremendously enjoyed their first Form 3 experience at Norval. The boys spent the day hiking through the grounds and connecting their unit of inquiry, Rights and Responsibilities with nature. Boys played games in the forest and discussed their responsibilities towards the environment. It was both an excellent introduction and reconnection with Norval. 

A couple of notes:

    • The fall weather changes so quickly! Please ensure that your son comes to school with appropriate clothing and shoes for outdoor recesses (shoes specific for outdoor activity, a warm jacket, and a rain jacket on rainy days). 
    • If you make an appointment for your son late in the school day, to help minimize disruptions, we ask if you can pick him up at either 2 or 3 rather than 2:30.
    • We look forward to the long anticipated celebration of Halloween!! We will continue with regular school activities on the big day, but will certainly “carve” out some time for a class party in the afternoon. Please pay attention to the communication from your Grade Rep. as they will be sharing important scheduling information with you. Please encourage your son to think creatively about what to wear. Costumes should not include any weaponry or masks.

In math, we have wrapped up our unit on Place Value but will continue to make use of all that we have learned and practised throughout our second unit on addition and subtraction.  We want the boys to think of numbers in their entirety rather than individual digits and to apply what they know about place value when doing calculations. This will build stronger estimation and mental math skills so that the boys will not require a pencil and paper to complete every calculation, and be better able to spot errors in their work.

In our Language Arts, we will be starting our study of the book Iron Man, by Ted Hughes. The boys will be bringing homework weekly to review what was read together in class and then they will also be answering some comprehension questions based on the chapters they are studying. Reading the book with your son, or on your own, can be such an amazing experience to share in his learning.  Please do not allow your son to read ahead, as we want all the boys to experience the book together.

Thank you for your continued support,

Ms. Crippin 

Ms. Van Haarlem