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Message from Year 2

It’s hard to believe but the Year 2 boys are well into their final unit of inquiry for the year! This current unit is entitled “Web of Life”. The central idea is that “relationships exist within an ecosystem.” We’re inquiring into what an ecosystem is; life cycles within an ecosystem; and the relationships that exist within an ecosystem (interdependence).  We began this inquiry with a discussion about what an ecosystem is and the many examples of them in our world. We then did a lot of reading thanks to Mrs. Love’s great collection of topical books. Next, we brainstormed about many of the living organisms that live specifically within a pond/forest ecosystem and the boys illustrated one of their favourites. We glued these living organisms onto our classroom pond mural and then connected them according to what we learned about food chains. It’s quite an impressive display and we welcome you to come and have a peek at it. To build upon our work in class, ask your sons to explain some of the new terms we have learned: producer, consumer, decomposer, omnivore, carnivore, herbivore, predator, and prey. They might even be able to give you an example of each. In the next few days, we’ll complete some non-fiction reading activities, examine the life cycles of animals and prepare mini research projects to convey our information.

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